Thursday, 21 April 2016

Queen's 90th birthday weird news round-up

Worcester News: Woman marks the Queen's 90th birthday by knitting life-sized sex doll

Lovely pearl necklace

Spotter's Badge: Tim

Newham Recorder: Ever wondered what the Queen gets up to on her day off?

She lets her hair down, slings on a T-shirt and makes prank calls to Conservative Central Office

Spotter's Badge: Andrew

Watford Observer: Paper makes eye contact with woman who has baked a 'corgi-shaped' cake

It's not corgi-shaped, it's normal-shaped with a picture of a corgi on it.

Spotter's Badge: TRT

Eastern Daily Press: One story - and that is one too many - to represent the million in local papers of town criers town crying about the Queen's birthday

Note the crowds in Thetford rapt - RAPT - at the good news.

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